Osmo is a finish we use and mention a lot. ย There is a reason for this, we feel it’s the best finish you can apply to any timber whether it’s a hardwood flooring or a fine piece of furniture.

It is a completely natural eco friendly product and there are none of the nasty chemicals that you find in some finished like lacquer. We have over the years refined how we apply Osmo and what we feel really is the ultimate finish for all our hardwood furniture. ย If you would like any advice on Osmo or require any of their products, please let us know.

Osmo recently posted these two video’s to their social media that do really give a great idea of the product and how it performs as a furniture finish. Osmo on Twitter, Osmo on Facebook.


Woodwork Finishing – Learning to use Osmo Part 1
Woodwork Finishing – Learning to use Osmo Part 2

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