The Block Scribe

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Designed from the ground up with precision in CAD and 3D printed with accuracy using a quality yellow PLA filament so you’ll never lose it!

Accurately scribe a parallel line along a surface with the six pre-set scribe dimensions of 9,12,15,18,19 & 22mm to correspond with the most common sheet material thicknesses used in the UK. Great for fitted furniture installers, carpenters and general use where a set dimensioned line is required.

Made specifically to suit the Staedtler yellow and black Noris pencils that are commonly available. The pencil hole in The Block Scribe is threaded to lightly but firmly grip the pencil, gently wind it in and you’re good to go. Keep your pencil sharp with a pencil sharpener to maintain a crisp centralised line.

Important bit: 
We are very environmentally aware with our materials and products. As from next week we will only be using 100% recyclable paper padded envelopes.

The 3D printing filament we use comes on a recyclable spool and is biodegradable. We buy our filament from â€“ PLA 3D Printer Filament (Polylactic Acid) is currently the most popular material used in 3D Printing worldwide. Ooznest Materials PLA Filament is a thermoplastic polymer made from sustainable resources like corn starch and sugarcane. This makes PLA biodegradable, in the correct environment it can break down in 6 months.♻︎

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The Block Scribe
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