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Painted bookcase, London

There was a lot of preparation and design involved in this project, working with the client as they wanted very specific shelf positions,exact dimensions,and colour. We spent a fair few hours together and a lot of emails/phone calls going over every aspect to arrive at what I hope turned out to be their perfect bookcase….

Bespoke fitted AV media cabinet

This is a project that was a collaboration with another local company www.hang-your-tv.com. We became acquainted via Twitter. Our part of the project was to make a cabinet that would slide into the existing opening of a fireplace and house all the clients media equipment. The cabinet is MDF with a lipped front frame of…

Fitted reclaimed pine wardrobe.

I am just getting to grips with blog writing, it’s all very new to me, but I think it will be interesting to give the website constant new content. First off is a recently completed fitted wardrobe in the local town of ย Tenterden. The area to work with was an attic room and the piece…