The QR Code is something that has caught my interest over the last few months.  They seem to be catching on and appearing more and more in various places. QR Code stands for Quick Response code.  Its like a modern bar code, they are square with various black modular squares on a white back ground.

QR codes originate from Japan where they are very popular and where invented by part of the Toyota company for identifying car parts. Their use is increasing everywhere and they can contain a lot of information from a website URL‘s to complete address’s. We use QR codes on our website, advertising flyers and on the back of our business cards. They work very well containing all the relevant information for our contact details,website, email and also make an interesting and memorable addition that people seem to notice.

To view QR Codes your going to need a scanner, and the best way is using your smart phone. (Android,iphone,Blackberry etc.) Simply download one of the many free ‘apps’ and scan using the camera.  All the details will appear on your phone.

We used a company called Good Print for our business cards and post cards. They have a blog posting with detailed information and well worth a read.

These are the two QR Codes that we use, the first one contains the website address and the second has all the contact details, website, number etc.

Give them a try…….


3589644 cr-code-full