This is a very special garden bench, it has a little extra to the standard type. This one has storage for a Croquet set which has recently been renovated by SBT Design as a separate commission from the Client

The bench was designed and  manufactured by us at SBT Design around the space required for the storage of the 100+ year old Croquet set together with a spacious and comfortable seating area.

It has been constructed from Sapele, a hardwood  known for its strength and natural oils making  it a great choice for outdoor use.

The seat/lid is hinged with brass butt hinges and is lockable via 2 brass rack bolts positioned at either end on the front edge.

The storage area is water tight, a tiny gutter has been formed  into the timber around the top open edge to allow any water  to flow out to the front, a weather seal for extra protection has also been added.

The storage area is lined with external quality plywood manufactured form hardwood and sealed with silicon at all  joints.

The finish for the bench is exterior UV protective oil manufactured by Osmo giving great weather and fading protection.

The bench in it’s final home is bolted down with galvanized fixings and security screws to prevent it from being stolen, however special provision has been made so that the Client can reposition the bench if required.

Please browse the slide show where there are images from the design stage through to the completed bench.  For a flash free gallery please click  >here<