11 May 2020

In light of the unprecedented, ongoing acceleration of the COVID-19 virus and the advice provided in order to ensure all of our safety and well-being we will be adhering to the following;

If we are carrying out works on your property and working to a timeline for you we are happy to continue work on your property to completion with your invitation and approval to do so.  We ask that if work is to commence that you and your family keep a 2 meter distance in order to protect all parties.  The pandemic is beyond all of our control and this may cause travel restrictions, supply shortages, self-isolation all of which we cannot predict and cannot control.  This may cause a delay in the end date that we are working towards.

We are happy to continue work with your agreed permission to do so and we will of course be following all hygiene guidelines and maintaining safe distances from one another.  

Thank you for your attention.


SBT Design